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Enabling Activity Custom Lookups

Knowledge Article Number 000199575
Available in:  Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions

As of Winter '16, the feature is enabled by default to all applicable editions. System admins are not required to log a support case anymore.
Resolution If the feature is not enabled still please contact Salesforce Customer Support. 
1- Verify that the Organization where you want the feature to be enabled is on an edition where the feature is available.
2- Have a System Administrator to log a Case with Salesforce Support
3- Please mark as "feature activation" on the General Application Area
On the case description, please specify:
  •         Feature requested: Enable Activity Custom Lookups
  •         Organization ID where you want the feature to be enabled (Navigate to Setup | Company Profile | Company Information):
  •         I am the system admin in charge of this feature.
4- Our Support Team will review the Case and action the request as needed.

Once this is enabled you can go to:
  • Setup > CustomizeActivities > Activity Custom Fields
  • Choose "Lookup Relationship"
  • Follow the steps to create the new field
  • Custom Lookups Don’t Control Activity Sharing:  Referencing another record using an Activity custom lookup doesn’t affect users’ access to the activity, because a record referenced by an activity custom lookup isn’t a parent of the activity. The lookup is simply a reference to another record.
  • Each Custom Lookup Can Reference One Type of Record, One Record Type at a Time:   Each custom lookup field can reference one type of record, and no two fields can look up to the same type of record. To reference records of different types, create multiple custom lookup fields.
  • Each Custom Lookup Field Supports One Activity Lookup Related List.  Unlike the Open Activities and Activity History related lists, which display activities related to other records through the Name and Related To fields, custom lookup fields combine open and closed activities in the same related list.
  • Custom Sorting Isn’t Supported:  the related list of activities from a custom lookup is sorted by ActivityDate DESCENDING and LastModifiedDate DESCENDING (that is, starting with the activity farthest in the future and continuing into the past). You can’t customize this sorting.
  • Activity Lookup Fields Are Unavailable in Custom Report Types for Join:  You can’t use a custom lookup relationship to join an activity to other objects in a custom report.


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