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Create a Rerun Rule in Social Hub

Knowledge Article Number 000199618
Use Rerun Rules if your Social Hub Rule was stopped for a duration of time. Rerun Rules process posts for a specific period of time to ensure that no posts were missed when the rule was stopped.  
You  can only create a Rerun Rule if you were the Social Hub user that created the original rule. If your rule is part of a priority group, all of the rules in the priority group will also be rerun.

Create a Rerun Rule

1. Log in to the Social Hub
2. Click Tools.
3. Click Rerun Rules
4. Click Re-run a rule
5. Enter a name for the rule.
6. Under "How would you like to look for articles," select either: 
  • All posts between two dates: The rule is rerun to process posts between two dates.
  • Only posts from a specific time each day: The rule is rerun for only a specific time each day between two dates.
7. Select a Start Date and End Date.
8. Select a time zone to base the start and end times on from the drop down menu.
9. Select the checkbox next to the rule you want to rerun.
10. Click Save New Rerun Rule to save your rerun rule configuration.
You are taken back to the Re-run Rule List.
11. Click Start next to the Rerun Rule name to begin processing posts.


  • Create multiple Rerun Rules for shorter time frames if your rules bring in high volumes of posts or if you have a Send to Salesforce action.
  • Run one Rerun Rule at a time. Allow it to completely finish processing before starting the next Rerun Rule on the list.

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