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Duplicate Email Signatures in the email received, sent from Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000199637
Description Why the email signature appears twice at the end of a text version of an Email Template when sending an Email?

Root Cause:

There is an email signature on the email template that you select that would be visible on the email that you are sending out and another email signature as your default email signature in your personal Email settings section that wont be visible on the email. The personal email signature will be visible to the recipient of the email only

To address this issue you can manually remove the email signature at the bottom of the template after you load it in the email window and allow the recipient of the email to only see your personal email signature or you remove your personal email signature and use whats on your templates. The downside of the latter is that if your template does not have a signature, you need to manually enter it 
Follow the following steps to remove your personal email signature for all your outgoing Emails
1- Simply login to
2- Navigate to one of the following depending which setup menu is enabled for your org

For Non-Enhanced Setup Menu:
Setup | Personal Setup | Email  | My email Settings  

Enhanced Setup Menu:
Your Name | My Settings | Email  | My email Settings 

3- On the right side, remove your signature from the Email Signature box
4- Save 

Whenever user sends an Email from Salesforce, by default the Signature from My Email Settings will be added by default
Hence, it is not required to add the signature at the bottom of the Email Template.

In case user wants to have a different signatures in all the Template then user has to remove the default signature from My Email Settings

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