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Real-time searching or filtering on Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000199638
Description Global search allows users to quickly filter, find and access all records (not just MRU) while they are typing the search criteria. Touch keypads on mobile devices are often error-prone, so the less typing the better!
This feature is termed as Filter Ahead auto-suggestion or Type Ahead.

NOTE: This feature is currently available in the mobile browser ( and will be available in the native iOS and Android clients in a future release. 
When users begin typing in the contextual search box (via S1 header), a list below the box shows recently accessed records and list views that match the characters entered so far. As three or more characters are entered, the list continues to filter matching recently accessed items
and also starts to show all other matching records that the user has permission to access for the object.

NOTE: After three characters are entered, the criteria is auto-fetched against the server.
If the desired record item shows in the list, tap it to open it.

If the right record doesn’t show up in the list by the time all keywords
are entered:
1) Start the full search from the keyboard (tap Enter)
2) Tap Search for keywords.

Feature Exception:
This is currently not available for Salesforce Files and Salesforce Knowledge. NOTE: For Files, only most recently used matches are shown in the list.

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