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Email to Case Routing Address default values are not reflected on Case record

Knowledge Article Number 000199686
Description BEHAVIOR:

When sending an inbound message to a On Demand Email to Case Routing Address, the default value for the fields:

Case Priority
Case Origin
Case Record Type

are not saving as designated in the Routing Address settings (Setup | Cases | Email-to-Case | (Routing Address)).  Rather, they appear to be defaulting to the default values configured on the field level.

Resolution CAUSE:

This behavior is typically caused by permission level access.  The Automated Case User (Setup | Cases | Support Settings), is the running user that the Organization utilizes to create the Case record.  In most Cases, the above behavior occurs after the Routing Address is created.  If a new Record Type is created/used with the Routing Address, the Automated Case User's Profile will also need to have access to the Record Type.  If access is not granted, the aforementioned behavior will occur. 

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