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How to Mass Update User License using Data Loader?

Knowledge Article Number 000199705
Description I would like to mass update user license using Data Loader but User License Field is not available when clicking on Create or Edit a Map.

User License field is not readily available in Mapping Dialog after clicking Create or Edit a Map button. Therefore, instead of using User License, get the Profile ID in which you're assigning the user. Since every Profile is tied up with a License, updating the profile will simultaneously update the license as well.

1. Get the User ID of the user you're updating by following these steps:

Report Tab | New Report Administrative Report | Users | Create | Remove All Columns | Fields from the preview pane | Add User ID and Full name fields to the preview pane | Save 
2. Get the profile ID in which you're assigning the user
Open Data Loader | Export | Check Show all Salesforce Object | Profile | Next | Select Id and Name from the query field | Finish
3. Organize the User ID and Profile ID in a spread sheet and save it as csv 
4. Use Data Loader 
Open Data Loader | Update | Show All Salesforce Objects | User | Choose csv file | Next | OK | Create or Edit a Map | Next | Map Profile ID (column header) with Profile Id and User ID with Id | OK |Select the directory where the success and error files should be saved, then click "Finish".


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