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Knowledge Search Activity reporting for Knowledge Articles

Knowledge Article Number 000199708
Description If you're a knowledge manager looking for better insights into the search performance of Salesforce Knowledge articles, create a Custom Report Type for the "Knowledge Search Activity" object.

Learn how to set up Knowledge Search Activity Reporting in Walk through it: Knowledge Search Activity Custom Report Type

Note: Creating a Custom Report Type doesn’t require a Salesforce Knowledge license, but the visibility of Custom Report Types in the report wizard is controlled by Users' access to the data in the report type. For more information, see our "Article Reports" help documentation.


Available Report Fields


Example Report Data

Reports built using Custom Report Types with the Knowledge Search Activity object can reveal these insights:

  • Searches per day, month, or year for each channel and language.
  • Clicks by date for articles by ID or Title.
  • For each keyword:
    • Average number of articles returned in search results.
    • Clicks made to articles returned in search results.
    • Total volume of unique Users who clicked each article returned in search results.
  • Average number of clicks (by total or unique Users)


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