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Enable Event Log Files

Knowledge Article Number 000204478
The Event Logs feature provides visibility into Splunk Log data for your Organization. You can also use Event Monitoring to understand your Organization trends.

Caution Sign Image  Important: This is a paid add-on feature. Please reach out to your Account Executive for further details. This includes customers who took part in the Beta feature.

Product Overview


  • The user Event Monitoring SKU allows you to access Event Log Files. Event Log Files provide visibility into log data, which is the same data that Salesforce uses to support its own product. 
  • You can easily integrate log data with your own log data analysis tools and business intelligence instances to get the visibility you've come to expect in an enterprise IT environment. 
  • Common use cases include tracking user activity, user feature adoption, and troubleshooting issues that may arise.


Feature Limits


  • Only one user Event Monitoring product can be added per Organization. 
  • Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition Organizations only.

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