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Winter '15 - Why can't I install a Canvas Personal App?

Knowledge Article Number 000204502
Description I'm trying to install a Canvas Personal App in my Chatter Tab however I am not able to. 

  • If the admin has installed the app, instead of just an end user installing the app by approving it, then the admin will have to configure access for his user(s) before they can use the app, this is not a personal app at this point.
  • If the Canvas app did not have "Enable as a Canvas Personal App" checked then this will also mean it is not a Canvas Personal App and cannot be installed (approved) directly by the end user.
  • Apps must be in a managed package to be installed into other orgs.
  • App on the developer end must be able to determine if it is a personal app on signed request.
  • Apps have to have the “Chatter Tab” location.


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