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Winter '15 - Installing and Removing Personal Canvas Apps

Knowledge Article Number 000204505
Description - Administrators must have enabled “Allow users to install canvas personal apps” under Setup > Administer > Manage Apps > Connected AppsUser-added image

- The Canvas App must be enabled using the "Enable as a Canvas Personal App" checkbox on the canvas app settings in the Developer organization. And the developer can then choose to share the install URL passing the user through the OAuth flow in their preferred manner.
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- Users will then need to approve the app to install it in their Chatter Tab
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- Install process is async.  User will receive an email when the install completes.  Emails will not be sent on certain conditions (Gack on install, app already exists in org, canvas personal apps not enabled in org, or if the app is not a canvas personal app)
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- Apps can be removed from the user by revoking the token on their user detail page on the remote access related list, and removed from the org by uninstalling by the admin under Setup > Administer > Manage Apps > Connected Apps

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