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How do I troubleshoot a portal or community user login issue?

Knowledge Article Number 000204521
Description Partner and Community users are different from regular users in Salesforce, they are considered to be external users and they have their own custom portal page where they can login from.  They do not login from the default page The user can go to the portal to reset their passwords, or a user with the System Administrator profile can reset the password for the affected user. 
Resolution Below are the steps to help you troubleshoot login issues with Partner and Community users.
  1. Check if the user is an active user by going to Setup | Manage Users | Users | click on the affected user. 
  2. Locate  the checkbox field "Active", then make sure it is checked. If the checkbox is checked, then proceed to next step.
  3. Next scroll down to "Login History" to see what the system is recording when the affected user attempts to login. 
  4. Find the portal login URL that the affected user needs to login from with the following steps:
    • For a Partner portal  please go to: Setup| Customize| Partners| Settings
    • For  a Communities user please go to Setup| Customize| Customer Portal |Settings         
  5. Confirm that "Login Enabled" is checked, if it's not checked, then please check it. Then proceed to the next step.
  6. Click on the portal name.
  7. Locate the "Portal Default Settings".
  8. Copy the URL from the "Login URL"
  9. Paste the URL in the browser and hit go to make sure the portal login works. 
  10. Have the user Input the proper credentials for login username and password. Partners and Community users do not get a challenge like normal Salesforce users for a security code when logging in from a new IP address. If the user does not remember the password have the user reset the password by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link from the Portal URL.



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