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Unable to access sentiment in Topic Analysis widget in the Analysis Dashboard

Knowledge Article Number 000204533
When you create a widget with more than one Topic Profile, sentiment does not appear in the "Segment by:" or "View by" menu as an option for segmentation. 

If multiple Topic Profiles are selected, sentiment is disabled. Sentiment is applied at the Topic Profile level and is not applied to your entire account. This allows the same post to have different sentiment if it is captured in multiple topic profiles and may be negative in one instance and positive in the other depending on the keywords. 

To segment by sentiment, modify your widget so only one Topic Profile is used in the configuration:

1. Click the arrow in the bottom right corner  of your Topic Analysis widget to see its configuration.
2. In "Selected Profiles", click the name of the Topic Profile to remove from your widget.

Press CTRL to select multiple Topic Profiles.

3. Click the minus sign (-) to move the Topic Profile back to the "Available Profiles" list.
4. When only one Topic Profile is left in the "Selected Profiles" list, click Done.

You can now segment the Topic Analysis widget by sentiment by either clicking:

  • The graph in the Topic Analysis widget and clicking View by Sentiment - Topic Profile Sentiment Subjects in the menu, or
  • Segment by | Sentiment in the top left of the corner of the widget.


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