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Chatter Desktop - After log in credentials are submitted, the user interface will return a white blank page

Knowledge Article Number 000204538
When a user attempts to log into Chatter Desktop from a Windows or Mac operating system, after submitting their credentials, the OAuth page never returns, and the user interface will return a blank white page.
Replication Steps:
- Open Chatter Desktop
- Authorize a Sandbox or Production Connection Type
- Enter Salesforce user credentials
- Select the 'Log in to Salesforce' button

The following blank page is returned -

User-added image


The following OAuth page to return -

User-added image

The behavior can stem from the restriction of the Chatter Desktop app through the Connected Apps settings, specifically under:

Setup | Manage Apps | Connected Apps OAuth Usage 
The setting for Chatter Desktop 'Action' is likely configured to 'Block'.  The System Administrator will need to select 'Unblock' to correct the behavior.

The image below indicates that no Connected Apps have been blocked.  If a feature was blocked, the Action column will display a value of 'Unblock':

User-added image

NOTE: The blank screen can happen also when Chatter Desktop receives a response to the login call that it doesn't understand (or no gets no response).  This has also been seen with SSO implementations where the response passed back from the IDP doesn't return to Chatter Desktop or comes back without a specific content type flagged in the response even if the authentication is working correctly.

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