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Salesforce1 - Login hour restrictions

Knowledge Article Number 000204546
Description If a user has login hour restrictions enabled on his profile. The user will not be able to login to salesforce1 mobile app when the restrictions are on. This also applies if the user was already logged in with a valid session. Expected behavior is that Salesforce1 users are able to use the app with a valid session until the login hours become effective. If users attempt to access Salesforce1 after login hours, they will see an error. 
i.e. Received exception event from server

NOTE: There is a current issue with the S1 Android client. S1 Android does show exception but will continue to allow users to access some standard 'native' aspects of app. 

Resolution For Example if a user is allowed to Login between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Monday - Friday).

* User will not be able to login to salesforce1 app outside the above time range.

* If the User already signed in to salesforce1 mobile app during business hours, once login hours are effective i.e. 6pm, any access attempt will provide the user with an error.

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