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Winter '15 - Make Your Own Improvements to the IDE

Knowledge Article Number 000204567
System Requirements
  • Eclipse - Supports 4.3 (works with 4.4 also)
  • Java 7
Key Features
  • Tooling API used to do interactive saves (save as you go instead of a full deploy)
  • New Parser added
  • New Compiler (coming soon)
  • Performance fixes when downloading metadata
  • Will be open source utilizing github
The Different Versions!
  • The Current Supported Release Build
    • Fully supported by Salesforce
  • Work in Progress Version
    • Master branch will be current "working" version
    • Will become Current Supported Release Build when all validation and testing has been completed
  • Previously Supporter Versions will remain available for download
    • Did you like an older version of the IDE for Eclipse Open Source Project? Then you'll be able to access it from github
  • Customer created/modded versions will be available
  • Customers will be able to design and share their own features, mods and changes to the open source project and all of these will be available via github
  • Contributor License Agreement required for anyone that wants anything accepted into the Support Release Build.
  • Tooling API in the New Plugin is not used when you are "working offline"
  • If you set it to work online, every time you save a class it will use the tooling api to auto-save your classes in salesforce running all validation (expect errors!)
  • Large orgs working online may have performance issues
Best Practices / Advice on making Changes
  • Testing the Plugin
  • Unit test all your changes
  • Run on your own orgs and run on a trial/free org for any scenarios applicable
  • Org Builder - An internal tool used internally in Salesforce that runs tests against 300+ orgs with varying implementations (Eventually available to everyone)
After you've done your unit testing you can submit your github pull requests for review.
What Can I Do?
  • Bug Fixes
  • Minor Features
  • Feature Enhancements
  • Big Features
  • Submit ideas (and then implement them!)
What will be Accepted into the Supported Release Build?
  • Bug Fixes
  • Minor features
  • Features Already On Our Backlog
Webinar Video Recording and Presentation Notes available @ (coming soon)

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