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Why custom Publisher actions are not visible for some users?

Knowledge Article Number 000204580
Description There are certain Publisher Actions that are not appearing in the Case Feed Layout only for some Users. Other users can see them and they have the same case layout assigned.
Resolution Please open the layout of the desired actions (click path: Customize - Cases - Buttons, Links and Actions) and check the fields included in the layout.
You'll need to compare the visibility of the fields in the Layout with the Case Field Level Security for the affected Profile. It is likely that the Profile does not have visibility over some of the fields.

Enable visibility of the fields for the Profile and the actions should show up in the Case Feed Layout as expected.

You can access the field level security to any given Profile with the following URL where "instance" is your organization's instance / domain (na1, na2...) and "Profile_ID" is the 15-characters Id for the Profile you need to check.

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