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I do not have the option to post a comment for a particular record type

Knowledge Article Number 000204585
Description With a particular record type, I do not have the option to Post a comment. I can change the name of the record type and it will post.
Other record type does not have this problem.
Resolution This is because your Organization may not be using global publisher layout.

Customize Chatter Group Layouts and Publisher Actions

Got the page layout of the affected record type in this example it will be an Opportunity

Setup | Customize | Ex: Opportunities | Page Layouts   (Standard Objects)

Setup | Create | Objects | Custom Object in question | Page Layouts Related List    (Custom Objects)

This example below is for a record type named B2C Opportunity Layout

User-added image

From the left pane you will find need to highlight Actions, then select Post, and drag it into the Publisher Actions pane and save.
User-added image

Now verify that you able to post using your record type.

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