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Winter '15 - Use Salesforce1 Methods to Integrate Navigation with Canvas Apps

Knowledge Article Number 000204588
Leverage new methods in the Canvas framework to smoothly integrate navigation or record actions between a canvas app and Salesforce1, without needing to use Visualforce. Now your development tools are within a single framework.
Previously, the only way to circumvent the navigational limitations of the iframe that contains a canvas app was to use Visualforce pages. These Canvas methods offer a simpler alternative for controlling navigation to or from canvas apps in Salesforce1.
For example, your canvas app code can call Salesforce1 "create record" logic to navigate to the page where the Create Account button resides. Clicking the button triggers a Salesforce1 navigation method to go to the record creation page, which is outside of the canvas app.
Reference the navigation method as an event variable, with name and payload. For example:
var event = {name:"s1.createRecord", payload: {entityName: "Account", recordTypeId: "00h300000001234"}};
For more information, see “Salesforce1 Navigation Methods for Use with Canvas Apps” in the Canvas Developer’s Guide.

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