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Winter '15 - SOAP API: describeSoqlListViews()

Knowledge Article Number 000204589
connection.describeSoqlListViews(DescribeSoqlListViewsRequest request);
Use the describeSoqlListViews() call to retrieve information about a list view, including the ID, the columns, and the SOQL query. This call is useful if you want to use the SOQL that drives an existing list view in your custom application. This call is available in API version 32.0 and later.

Sample Code - Java
public void example() throws Exception {
         DescribeSoqlListViewsRequest request = createDescribeSoqlListViewsRequest(listViewId, null);
A DescribeSoqlListViewResult object that contains one or more DescribeSoqlListView objects.

Notes on DescribeSoqlListViewResult
Contains one or more DescribeSoqlListView objects, each of which contains information about one or more list views, including the ID, sObject type, columns, and SOQL query of each.

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