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Can I remove a Content document from all Content Packs?

Knowledge Article Number 000204598
Description In order to delete Content, it must be removed from all Content Packs. If the Content is stored in multiple Content Packs, it may be difficult to coordinate removing the Content with the owners of those Content Packs. 

If the content is not removed from all Content Packs, when you attempt to delete it, you will receive an error that reads:
This file can't be deleted because it belongs to one or more content packs or previous versions of those content packs. You can delete the file if you first delete the content pack(s) and empty the Recycle Bin. 
Resolution System Administrators and users with the "Manage Salesforce CRM Content" permission have access to a "Remove from all" button to remove Content from all Content Packs. 

1. Navigate to the Content Details page for the Content you would like to remove.
2. Click on the Content Pack tab. 
3. Click on "Remove from all"
4. Click OK.

The Content will be removed from all Content Packs, and you will be able to delete it with no issue. 

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