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Winter '15 - Platform Connect Limits and Considerations

Knowledge Article Number 000204601
Note: There is a fee involved per Data Source per month.

External Object
  •  Is Real-Only
  •  Does not support reports
  •  Limit to 100 external objects per org
  •  Query does not support aggregated functions
External Data
  •  Source Required data source to be directly accessible via public Internet
  •  Source Maximum timeout period is 120 seconds
  •  Source Default Hourly Odata Query rate is 10,000 / hour
  •  Source Maximum HTTP request size for Odata query is 4MB
  •  Source Maximum HTTP response size for Odata query is 4MB
  •  Source Maximum result set size accepted by OData query is 8MB
External Objects
  • Maximum 1000 rows of result set for a subquery involving external objects
  • Maximum 4 times that an external object can be invoked within a SOQL query
  • When ID mapping is enabled, maximum 50000 new external records can be accessed per hour

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