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Salesforce1 - Add Products to Opportunities

Knowledge Article Number 000204611
Description IMPORTANT:
Salesforce1 Add Product lookup only searches the Product Name field. This may be confusing if end users are trying to search on a Product Code entry i.e. 

A possible work around might be to combine key Product Code information into the Product Name (standard field). 

Remember that users can utilize an additional search functions % to search within the string 
i.e. %1500 returns GenWatt Diesel 1500kW
note: * for begins with is assumed during Search lookups

Adding Products to Opportunities in Salesforce1 After Winter '17

Starting in Winter '17, the 
new Add Products action is available in all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app. For more information, please see Add Products to Opportunities in Salesforce1 in the Salesforce Winter '17 Release Notes.

If you previously created a custom action for adding products to opportunities in Salesforce1, we recommend that you remove it when Winter ‘17 is available. 

Adding Products to Opportunities in Salesforce1 Prior to Winter '17

1. Create this new action from Setup, by clicking Customize | Opportunities | Buttons, Links, and Actions | New Action
User-added image

2. Populate the Target Object and Standard Label Type fields so they match the settings in the above image:
a. Select "Opportunity Product" as the Target Object.
b. Select "New Record" as the Standard Label Type.

3. Then add the new action to the Publisher Actions section on the opportunity page layout. From Setup, click Customize |Opportunities Page Layouts.
4. In Salesforce1, the action is available from the action menu on opportunity records.


  • Before you can use Salesforce1 to add a product to an opportunity, the opportunity must already have a price book associated with it. You can associate the price book with an opportunity in the full Salesforce site only. Please refer to this article to associate a Price book to an opportunity in Salesforce
  • ***UPDATE*** If you include the Pricebook field in the Page Layout, you can edit the record in Salesforce1 and select an existing Pricebook. Once you have added the Pricebook to the Opportunity record, you can then add Products in Salesforce1 after creating the custom Publisher Action.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE **** If you do NOT have 'List Price' included on the Search layout for Pricebook Entries, the sale price will not auto-populate on the 'Add Product' action (custom or after Winter '17 ) . You can check this by going to set up > customize > Pricebooks > Pricebook entries > Search layouts , ensure 'list price' is moved from 'available' to 'selected'. You must also ensure the list price is moved directly under 'product  name' in the list.

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