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Why do Chatter notifications point to Community instead of the regular login?

Knowledge Article Number 000204616
Description Some users find that when clicking on the "View/Comment" button on a Chatter notification, it takes them to their community login instead that the salesforce login.
Resolution This scenario will happen when a User is a member of a Community (or multiple communities) and their Chatter Email Notification settings don't match up between the internal org and the Communities.

Say, for example, that you have a User as part of the internal org and that their Comment Notification is set to OFF but that user is also member of a Community and the Comment Notification is ON there.
In that scenario we will send a notification with links that are pointing to the Community.
If the user isn't authenticated to the Community and it is a branded domain separate from the internal org, then they will be challenged to authenticate to the Community.

Workaround: The users need to ensure that Chatter notifications are ENABLED for the internal org if they are enabled on any other community.

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