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Why do I get the “Error: You cannot use more than 32,000 characters.” message when I send emails using the Case Feed Publisher?

Knowledge Article Number 000204619
Description When sending emails from the Activity History related list in the Case object, emails are limited to 384,000 characters. When emailing from the Case Feed or from the Case Publisher, the default limit is 32,000 character.

If the email content is typed manually in the feed, salesforce will not allow users to type any further if the 32,000 character limit is reached. However, if users are copying and pasting email content from other resources (ex: Microsoft Word), full email content will be copied to the email body but users will get the following error message when the “Send” button is clicked:

Error: You cannot use more than 32,000 characters
Below is how the error looks:

User-added image
Resolution You have two options on how to avoid or remove the error message:

1. Send the email from the Activity History related list.
2. Contact Salesforce support and request the "Maximum clob field length for Email TextBody and HtmlBody" limit be increased for you. Make sure that you provide the following information:
  1. What is Organization ID of the production or sandbox? (Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information): 
  2. Are you the system administrator authorized on behalf of this organization to request this limit increase?: What is your username? 
  3. Specific details about the business use case that you feel will benefit from having this limit increased. (NOTE: What changes, operations, processes, integrations, etc. do you currently do that you think would benefit from having this feature enabled?. This information should include any problems, issues, etc. that you expect to be solved by having this feature enabled). 
  4. Requested Limit (max 128,000): 
  5. Requested Duration (Indefinite / 2 Weeks / 1 Week)

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