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"Duplicate Name" Error when trying to load an AppExchange App

Knowledge Article Number 000204633
Description I downloaded the "Case Age in Business Hours" App from the App Exchange years ago. When I try to download the updated/most recent version of the App, I receive the following error message;
<< Package install error, There are problems that prevent this package from being installed. Problems Duplicate Name The name "field-name__c" is already used on component type: Custom Object Definition. Please rename existing component. >>
Resolution This error occurs when users attempt to upload an Unmanaged package from AppExchange, when another version of the app is already installed in the customer org.
Unmanaged packages are not upgradeable.
To resolve the errors users will need to either delete the existing installed package from their org before installing the new version from the app exchange,
or rename the existing components in their org which are causing the error before uploading from AppExchaange.
For example from "fieldname__c" to "fieldnameOld__c"

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