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Why do I receive Chatter notification mail even when some of my Personal Email settings are disabled?

Knowledge Article Number 000204641
Description I'm getting email notifications even if my Chatter Email Settings are disabled.

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I keep getting email notifications even for the items that are not checked in my settings.
Why is this happening? how can I prevent it?
Resolution This scenario will happen when a User is a member of a Community (or multiple communities) and their Chatter Email Notification settings don't match up between the internal org and the Communities.

For every User there are Chatter email settings in the main Setup Page and in each Community.
The Community settings are in: (User Profile Page)->(Upper Right DropDown Arrow in the Feed Area)->"My Settings"->"Email Settings"

If the User is receiving email notifications for settings that are unchecked in the Setup Page they'll need to navigate to their "Email Settings" in the Community area and make sure that the checkbox is also unchecked there to avoid notifications.

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