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Why do I receive an Insufficient Privileges error message when trying to save the "Chatter Email Settings" or the "Activity Settings"?

Knowledge Article Number 000204644
Description I am a system administrator and I receive an insufficient privileges message when trying to save the "Chatter Email Settings".
When I go to Setup > Customize > Chatter > Email Settings, and try to change any of the settings I receive an Insufficient Privileges error.

The same can occur when going to Setup > Customize > Activities > Activity Settings.
Resolution The reason for this message is that the Document selected as the "Logo" in that particular Setup section ("Email Settings" or "Activity Settings") is in one user's personal folder.

We do not have anything in place that prevents users from selecting Documents from their personal folders (or any folders for that have other restrictions). It is up to the user doing the configuration to ensure the appropriate people have access to the document to avoid the Insufficient Privileges error message.

Note - If you are unsure of who the user that made the setting is, you can refer to the setup audit trail to confirm. In the case that the change was done more than 180 days ago, you will not be able to find the info, you can contact Salesforce, who can provide the ID of the document used.

When you receive the ID, you can use a query in the developer console to retrieve the ID of the owner of the Document as follows
SELECT Id, AuthorId FROM Document WHERE Id = '015#####Dyf'

Replace the ID within the quotes with the Id you received from the Salesforce representative

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