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Why is the reset my password email link always showing up as it is expired when I click on it to reset my password?

Knowledge Article Number 000204647
There are two scenarios that could cause a Reset password link to be registered as expired.

Resolution Scenario 1: 24 hours have passed from the time the password link was requested.
Solution:    The user can request a new password by going to the login page for Production or for Sandbox  If single sign on is on for the user the internal team that manages the system would need to assist.
Scenario 2: The Email Server protection software  is automatically expiring the link.
Solution:  Contact the Support of the software to have them whitelist emails coming from Salesforce or reach out to the internal department that manages the software.
Known Software (that can cause the password link to expire):

McAfee  feature 'Link Protect'

Outlook all versions (corrupted rules)

Mimecast Anti-spoofing software

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