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Add new Users in Advertising Studio Campaigns

Knowledge Article Number 000204940

To add new Users to your Advertising Studio Campaigns account, you must be an Administrator. If so, you can:
  • Access the Administration tab.
  • Manage User logins, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and client logins.
  • View the Advertising Studio Campaigns account activity.

Add a new User

1. Click the Administration tab.
2  Click Users.
3. Click Add New User in the top-right hand corner.
4. Enter the new User's email address in "Email" and their name in "Full Name."
5. Select a Locale and a Timezone.
6. Select the User's access permissions:

  • Click the "Administrator" checkbox to enable Administrative privileges. 
  • If the User will not hold Administrator rights, you must assign the User to specific clients.
  • To assign specific clients to a new User:

1. Under Clients, select the client name in the left box.
2. Click the right-pointing arrow to move the client name to the right box.

7. Click Save.

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