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How to Access and Share External Files with Files Connect

Knowledge Article Number 000205001
Description This Article will explain you step to step procedure that how can we Access and Share External Files with Files Connect
Resolution After you set up Files Connect, your users can access files from external data sources like SharePoint, or share them via the Files tab and feed.
User Permissions Needed:-
To access cloud-based data sources like SharePoint Online: “Files Connect Cloud”
To access on-premises data sources like SharePoint 2010: “Files Connect On-premises”
Download or Share Files on the Files tab

If you want to download external files to your local system, or share them with a general set of people in your organization,
Use the Files tab

1. At the top of the Salesforce window, click the Files tab.
2. In the left column, the External Files list shows available external data sources. Click one to access files it contains.
3. To the left of a file name, click the pop-up menu , and choose one of the following:

• Download downloads the file to your local system.
• Open in target opens the file in the external data source, such as SharePoint.
• Share a copy stores a copy of the external file in Salesforce. If files are shared with a Chatter group, all group members can access the files, even if they lack access to the external system.
• Share a reference points to the external file stored outside Salesforce. No previews will appear in Chatter, and file Downloads are available only for users with access to the external system. (Users must enter credentials for the system in the External Authentication Settings section of personal setup). 

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Share Files in the Feed

If you want to include external files in a specific Chatter conversation, use the feed. All files shared in the feed are either copies or references, as determined by an administrator.

1. While authoring a post, click File above the feed, and then click Select a file from Salesforce.
2. In the left column, click the external source, such as SharePoint.
3. Next to the file you want to share, click Attach.

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