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How do I quickly stop Salesforce for Outlook API calls to the Salesforce application?

Knowledge Article Number 000205288
Description There are 2 main ways to revoke the Salesforce for Outlook Oauth Access to the Salesforce application for specific users and temporarily stop any communication from the users local machine for the add-in.

1. As a administrator navigate to Setup | Manage Users | Select the user | Navigate to OAuth Connected Apps and here select the "Revoke" action for any Salesforce for Outlook entries for the user.

2. As a Salesforce user navigate to
Your Name | Setup | My Personal Information  | Personal Information and on the right side scroll down and under OAuth Connected Apps
click on "Revoke" next to any Salesforce for Outlook entries and click on OK to confirm if a message box pops up
My Settings | Personal | Connections and select "Revoke" next to any Salesforce for Outlook entries.

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