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Why is a List View that's only shared to Partner Users still visible to Internal User(s) ?

Knowledge Article Number 000205319
Description You've created a List View and shared it solely to All Partner Users. However, a few Internal Users can still access the List View. Under unique scenarios, a User may be the manager of a Partner User that is in turn a member of a Partner Group. In these scenarios, the Internal User (Manager) is also considered a member of the Partner Group. This membership inclusion marks the Internal User (Manager) as being a Partner. They aren't actually changed to a Partner User but rather have the Partner User indicator for visibility. Therefore, they will be able to view things shared solely to Partner Users.
Resolution The easiest work around here is to create a Public Group that contains only the desired Partner Users and is not shared based on Hierarchy. Then share the view with this new group and the visibility issues should be resolved. 


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