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Where can I see the number of Roles that my company is actually using?

Knowledge Article Number 000205328
Description I would like to know the number or Roles that my organization is currently using. Where can I see this?
Resolution You can find this through the User Interface or using the API via tools like Workbench.

User Interface
Please navigate to the "System Overview" setup section ( ) and check the "Portal Roles" section.

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Note: The Portal Roles box in the system overview page shows the usage data and limit for total partner portal, Customer Portal, and Communities roles. Also, please note that the Roles in the Territory Hierarchy (partner, Customer Portal and Communities roles) count towards this limit.
More information about the System Overview: About the System Overview Page

Open Workbench. Click on "Info" and select "Metadata Types & Components". Then you can select "Role" as metadata type. The number of roles will display in the "Components" folder.

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Note: The Workbench shows also the number of Roles in the Role Hierarchy.
More information about the Role metadata type: Metadata Types

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