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Approval process is not processed when replying to the Email Approval notification

Knowledge Article Number 000205335
When I receive an Email Approval notification and reply YES or APPROVE, the email is sent to the email address of the person who submitted the record for approval and approval step is not processed in Salesforce.
This can happen when using Gmail and the person who submitted the record for approval, is the same person who receives the notification. When we send the Email Approval notification, 'Email Approval' is the Reply-To address and this is the address that will process the approval. Gmail however, will ignore the Reply-To address if the email 'from' and 'to' addresses are the same.

This can occur if you are running some tests with approval processes and you set yourself as the approver; when you reply to the email notification, Gmail will ignore our 'Email Approval' address and send the reply to yourself. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the person sending approval notification is not the same person who receives the notification (or make sure the email address is different at least).

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