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How do I merge Accounts that each have Partner and Customer Portal Users associated?

Knowledge Article Number 000205350
Description When you attempt to merge two Account Records that each have Partner Portal AND Customer Portal Users associated, you will receive the following error:

Accounts cannot be merged.
The accounts cannot be merged. Selected records do not have compatible portal types and cannot be merged together. 
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Resolution To do this, you can temporarily reparent the Customer Portal Users:

1. Create a new Account Record you will use for temporary association
2. Reparent the Customer Portal Contacts from each Account Record you are trying to merge to the that Account
3. Disable the Customer Account for the Accounts you want to merge (click  the button Manage External Users > Disable the Customer Account)
4. Merge the Accounts you want to consolidate (should only be Partner Portal enabled)
5. Parent the Customer Portal Contacts from Step 2 to the newly merged Account

You now have an Account with your original Partner Portal and Customer Portal Users.

Note: This is a maintenance issue and should be done quickly. Also, this should be done when the least amount of Portal users would be affected as Sharing will temporarily be impacted.

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