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Implementing Survey's Into Post-Chat Pages

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Description Post-chat Page Overview
Post-chat pages let share information with customers at the end of a chat session. For example, you can direct your customers to another web page after they complete a chat with an agent or forward them to a survey about their chat experience.
You can also create a Visualforce page to host your post-chat page, or can develop a page on your own. You can find information on creating a custom post-chat form page using Visualforce here.
Post-chat Survey Integration
To implement a Post-chat page follow the click path below:
  • Setup-> Chat Buttons & Invitations-> Either setup a New or you can use an existing one.
  • When implementing a survey into the Post-chat page, you will want to paste the link to the survey into the Post-Chat URL field, which is located at the bottom of the page.
Post-Chat Page

What Survey Applications Are Available?

To find the right survey for your company please refer to the AppExchange: Click Here

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