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How do I create custom fields for tasks or events?

Knowledge Article Number 000205377
Description I am trying to create a custom field for my events, however when I am at the Events Fields setup section and I do not see the "New"  button to create a custom field.
Resolution Available:

The Activity Custom Fields feature is only available for Professional Edition and above, and is not available for Group Edition and below.

You can create custom fields for task and events however, the process varies in comparison to creating custom fields for other objects.  

Since events and tasks are both listed as part of the activities object you will need to create your custom fields for task and events by navigating to Setup, Customize | ActivitiesActivity Custom Fields.

How you differentiate between a task or event custom field is set on step 4 of 4 in the field creation process when you are presented with all the available page layouts for tasks and events. Select which page layouts you want this field to be available for. This way the field can be available to both Task and Events.

Once this is created you will still need to come back to Activity Custom Fields if you need to make any changes to custom activity fields.

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