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How Can I View and Delete all of my User's Chatter Post and assign the proper Permission to Myself?

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Description As an administrator I sometimes need to correct, monitor, and delete chatter posts for my org.  I know with the “Manage Chatter Messages” permission I can view and delete all users' messages in Chatter. This permission is found on the profile level but when I try to enable it, I cannot. The option to enable it is greyed out what do I do?
Resolution This is a very good point I tried to do this myself in my test org.

As a workaround you will need to create a Permission Set to enable the permission and then assign the Permission Set to yourself.

Here are the steps to do it: 

1) Login 
2) Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets | New | Enter permission set information 
3) Enter a "label" for the permission set and click your mouse into the description box. You will see the label populate in the API name box 
4) Assign to "Salesforce" license. Hit Save. 
5) Scroll down to "System Permissions" 
6) Select "Edit" 
7) Scroll down to "Manage Chatter Messages" and place a check mark by the permission 
8) Scroll to the top of the page and hit "Save" 
9) Select "Manage Assignments" at the top of the page 
10) Select "Add Assignments" at the top of the page 
11) Place a check mark next to your name and hit "Save" 
12) Select "Done" 

Using this permission set now allows you to control what chatter posts are displayed in your org. 

Note: If you need to assign this Permission Set to multiple Users you will need to create a User List View to filter the Users needed then you can check the all box.  You can assign up to 100 Users to a Permission Set at one time.

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