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Stop triggering emails to the Subscribing Organization when deleting 'PartnerNetworkConnection' records

Knowledge Article Number 000205381
When you delete shared records from the publishing Organization, then the subscribing Organization point of contact will receive an email notification of the deletion. A single email will be triggered for a single record. If thousands of records are deleted, then each record deletion action will trigger an email alert. This is working as designed. To avoid triggering the emails, you'll need to stop sharing the records. You can stop them by bringing up each record or by using Salesforce-to-Salesforce connected to the API. Learn how below. 

Stop sharing Records one-by-one


1. Go to the affected record. 
2. If the External Sharing related list is not available on the Page Layout:

a. Click Edit Layout.
b. Go to the related list section and drag the ‘External Sharing’ related list on the Page Layout.
c. Save the changes.

3. If the External Sharing related list is available on the Page Layout:
a. Scroll down to the ‘External Sharing’ related list
b. Click Stop Sharing link.

Once the record is not shared with the Partner Organization, you can delete the record and the email will not be triggered to the Partner.

Stop Sharing Records in bulk


You can accomplish this task by using a Salesforce-to-Salesforce function, but only through a connection with the API. The object in the API that represents Records shared is called "PartnerNetworkRecordConnection."

Note: Since the other Organization (receiving Organization) will not get any notification, you'll want to keep them informed. 

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