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Uninstalling a Package Fails due to Report being Referenced by a Dashboard in a Private Folder

Knowledge Article Number 000205423
Description When uninstalling a package, an error like this may be encountered:

Report Keyword Revenue Report - This installed component is referenced by a locally created component. - Google AdWords Dashboard 

In order to uninstall the package, the Dashboard that references the report must first be deleted. If this dashboard is in a user's Personal Dashboard Folder, the user that owns the dashboard must be determined so that they can delete the Dashboard.
Resolution Refer to Delete a report associated to dashboard component for details on determining the owner of and deleting a dashboard.

When the owner of a dashboard in a Personal Dashboard Folder cannot be determined even with System Administrator rights and the package cannot be uninstalled, please log a case with Support to determine who the owner of the dashboard is.

Once the owner is determined, you may login and delete the dashboard, or an Admin can login as the user and delete the dashboard. Once the dashboard has been deleted the package can be properly uninstalled.

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