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Knowledge One widget's Share an article as a URL and/or Email an article as a PDF are not available

Knowledge Article Number 000205435

This article provides supplemental details on the "Share an article as a URL" and "Email an article as a PDF" options in the Knowledge One widget within the Console for Service as outlined in the Setting Up Knowledge One Widget documentation.

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Prerequisites for the options to be available:

- Knowledge feature licenses available and assigned to users:  If your organization has Knowledge licenses available see Creating and Assigning Salesforce Knowledge Users and Groups. If your organization doesn't have Knowledge feature licenses please contact your Account Executive to discuss provisioning.

- Knowledge enabled and implemented:  If your organization has not implemented Knowledge follow the Salesforce Knowledge Implementation Guide.

- Enable Knowledge One: If your organization does not have the Knowledge tab enabled see Enabling Knowledge One with Permission Sets and Enabling Knowledge One with Profiles.

- Service Cloud feature licenses available and assigned to users:  If your organization has Service Cloud feature licenses available see Assign the Service Cloud Feature License to Users.  If your organization does not have Service Cloud feature licenses please contact your Account Executive to discuss provisioning.

- Console for Service setup and implemented: See Set Up a Salesforce Console for Service.

- Assign users to use case feeds:  The selections in the widget are only available for users who have been configured to use case feeds.  See Set Up Case Feed and Assign Case Feed to Users.

- Setup and configure Sites to publicly host your knowledge articles: Articles can be made available by creating a public knowledge base.  The Public Knowledge Base App provides a template to help quickly launch a public knowledge base. Note: If utilizing the App please ensure that you have worked through all required steps in the Public Knowledge Base Implementation Guide. Alternatively, developers can create a tailored public knowledge base from the ground up using a custom Site and Visualforce.

Resolution Requirements to see "Email an article as a PDF":

1. Email-to-case must be enabled in order to use the required Email action in the case feed.  See Enable and Configure Email-to-Case.

2. Select the "Enable Email PDF Attachments" option in desired case feed layout(s) that are currently assigned for use.  See Create and Edit Feed Layouts in Case Feed and Settings for Feed Views in Case Feed.​

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Common issues and potential causes:

Email article as a PDF option is not available for certain articles

In order for the Email an article as a PDF option to be available the article must be shared outside of the default Internal App channel in it's properties.

Nothing happens upon clicking the Email Article as a PDF option via the Knowledge One widget
Check to see whether the preference to "Use Page Layout Editor to Configure Actions" in your case feed's settings is enabled. If so, you'll need to ensure that you have added the Email publisher action to the detail view of your case feed page layout.

PDF generated is missing fields or contains too many fields
It's always recommended that users review a generated PDF before sending to ensure that it has rendered properly.  If the Knowledge setting, "Use a profile to create customer-ready article PDFs on cases" is selected ensure that appropriate field level security is set for the selected profile.  See Customizing Salesforce Knowledge Settings and Setting an Article's Field-Level Security.

Requirements to see "Share an article as URL":

1. The article must be visible via at least one public site.

2. Enable "Allow users to share articles via public URLs" and select Site(s)
 for which Knowledge should be available in Knowledge Settings. See Customizing Salesforce Knowledge Settings.

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Common issues and potential causes:

Share an article as URL option is not available
- Ensure that the article is visible in the Public Knowledge Base channel in the article's properties. See Creating and Editing Articles.
- Check to ensure that the site(s) selected to host knowledge in the knowledge settings setup section pictured above have at least read access set for desired article types via the Site's Public Access Settings.  See Public Access Settings for Sites for more details on setting public access settings.

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