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How to control session time out for Salesforce1 users

Knowledge Article Number 000205444
Description Is there a way to force sign out all users based on time of day for Salesforce1?
Resolution There is no current way to force log out users based on time of the day. The only way to guarantee all users are signed out is to revoke OAuth access or to setup timeouts for inactivity. This can be done with the steps below:

To FORCE REVOKE access for all users immediately:
- Login as a system admin to the Full Site (Aloha UI)
- Go to setup
- Manage apps
- Connects apps OAuth Usage
- Click the number under "User Count" next to Salesforce1
- Click Revoke next to a specific user, or Revoke all to force all users to log out.

To FORCE TIMEOUT after inactivity:
- Login as a system admin to the Full Site
- Go to setup
- Manage apps
- Go to Connected apps
- Click edit
-You will need to set either an org session timeout:
Setup > Security Controls > Session Settings
A Connected Apps Session timeout:
Setup > Manage Apps > Connected Apps > Session Policies
*** Note: this time will take affect once a user stops using the Salesforce1 application ***
i.e. Scenario: system admin sets the session timeout for 2 hours for all Salesforce1 users via Connected Apps session expiration. Once the user closes the Salesforce1 app the session timeout will begin it's 'countdown' but IF the Salesforce1 app is reopened, the 2 hour session timeout will reset and not force sign out until no activity occurs for 2 hours after non activity. 


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