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Conditional highlighting colors display as X icon on emails in Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000205454
Description "I have conditional highlighting enabled in my report which displays colors based on numbers. The report displays properly in Salesforce but when I send the report to an email the colors no longer shows and is returning an X icon instead."
Resolution This is not an issue within Salesforce. This is actually an issue with Outlook and can either be because: 
  1. It is blocking an external content 
  2. The SecureTemp folder is "full" 
  3. You have Word's Picture placeholder setting enabled 

In order to fix this, you can refer to the steps below.
  1. In IE, go to Internet Options 
  2. Click the Advanced tab 
  3. Look under Security for "Do not save encrypted files to disk" 
  4. Uncheck this setting and Apply 
  5. Restart Outlook

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