Print this page How to Create Report Types to Remove Inactive Coaching Relationships

Knowledge Article Number 000205469
Description Managers who are no longer employed with the organization, yet their Coaching Relationships are showing up in the reports.
Resolution Create two new report types to remove inactive coaching relationships - Coaching Feed and Coaching Activities.

For Coaching Feed Report Type: Add Coaching; Coaching Feed; Comments in the object relationship. 

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For Coaching Activities Report Type: Add Coaching;Activities in the object relationship. 

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The difference between the package report types and the new report types are the lookup fields added path.
Use this Path to add fields in the new report type - Coaching--Coach Path.

Add similar fields from the package coaching report just select the fields using the above path.

Create a new report based on the 2 new report types and filter out the Inactive relationship using the criteria Is Inactive equal True and set the Coach Active filter criteria to True as well.
There is one limitation with this new report. The inactive relationships and the inactive coaches will be filtered out, but for inactive employees to be hidden, the active managers will need to mark their relationships with these employees as Inactive.

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