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Territory not automatically assigned to new opportunity. User has only one territory and account under which the opportunity gets created is also the same territory

Knowledge Article Number 000205470
  1. User is assigned to a Territory.
  2. There is only one similar Territory from the "Account" and the "Opportunity" being created.
  3. Upon creation, "Opportunity" is not being assigned to a Territory.
  4. The Opportunity meets all the criteria to be assigned. namely:
  • Owner belongs or have edit privileges on the same territory as the account
  • Opportunity has only one common territory with the account
Resolution Check if User has "Manage Territories" or if the user is a "System Administrator"

If the user is a System Administrator, or a User has the "Manage Territories" permission on their assigned profile, they will have visibility to all the Territories in the Org. Hence there is no single Territory intersection which results in opportunity not being assigned to the territory

If the "Account" in question is assigned to a Territory, and "Opportunity" is created, the System Administrator or the User that has "Manage Territory" will have multiple territories in common. As a result, the opportunity will not be auto-assigned. 

To resolve:
  1. Click Setup | Manage Users | Profile
  2. Uncheck "Manage Territory"
  3. If it is a standard profile, change it to another without "Manage Territory"
  4. If the profile doesn't have "Manage Territory" check permission sets (Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets)
Please note that having or removing "Manage Territory" is entirely based on business requirement.

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