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Activate a Reward Fund

Knowledge Article Number 000205473
Description Activate a Reward Fund

If you want to use Reward Badges in your organization, make sure they are tied to an active Reward Fund. If a badge is tied to an inactive Reward Fund, here is how to resolve the issue:

Resolution 1. Click on the Reward Fund tab.

If the Reward Fund tab isn't available, click + to the right of your current tabs and select it from the All Tabs page.

2. Select the Reward Fund you would like to activate.

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3. Click Edit.

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4. Select the Active checkbox.

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5. Click Save.

This process can be repeated for as many Reward Funds as you would like to activate. If for some reason you wish to deactivate a Reward Fund, just deselect the Active checkbox for a given Reward Fund.

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