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Description How do I delete a deployed Performance Cycle?

1. Login into Workbench (

2. For Jump To select SOQL Query and for Object select WorkPerformanceCycle

3. Hit the Select button

4. Enter the following query in the Enter or modify a SOQL query below textarea:
SELECT Id,Name,CreatedDate FROM WorkPerformanceCycle WHERE Name = 'PSC 2014'

NOTE: Be sure to replace 'PSC 2014' with the name of the performance cycle you would like to delete surrounded by single quotes.

5. Hit the Query button

6. A table will be generated with one record corresponding to your performance cycle.  Copy the value in the Id column and store it in Notepad, as we'll use it later

NOTE: If there is more than one record in the table use the value in the CreatedDate column to determine which cycle is the one that needs to be deleted.  This is important as you don't want to delete a performance cycle that you need.  If you're not sure please email

7. Click on the value in the Id column then click the Update button

8. Depending on the current State of the cycle you'll do one of the following:
  • If the current State field is set to InProgress
    1. Set the State field to Error and click the Confirm Update button
  • If the current State field is set to Finished
    1. ​​Set the State field to InProgress and click the Confirm Update button
    2. Click the Update button
    3. Set the State field to Error and click the Confirm Update button
9. Go back into Salesforce and go to the Performance Cycles tab and select your cycle

10. Click the Delete button

11.  You may get the following error message:

Your attempt to delete PSC 2014 could not be completed because it is associated with the following feedback. If the following table is empty, it is because you do not have access to the records restricting the delete.

If you do, please follow these steps to delete the related summaries that are part of the cycle:

1. Login into Workbench (

2. Select queries | SOQL Query from the top-menu

3. Paste the following into the Enter or Modify a SOQL query below text-area:

SELECT Id FROM WorkFeedbackRequest WHERE PerformanceCycleId IN (SELECT Id FROM WorkPerformanceCycle WHERE Name = 'PSC 2014')

4. Select Bulk CSV as the View As option

5. Hit the Query button

6. Click the download icon

7. Select data | Delete from the top-menu

8. Browse for the CSV file you downloaded and hit Next

9. Click Map Fields

10. Click Confirm Delete

11. Once the records are deleted, Go back into Salesforce and go to the Performance Cycles tab and select your cycle and Click the Delete button


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