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Why are my users not able to log into the Help & Training Portal from a Sandbox?

Knowledge Article Number 000205512
Description I have some Users that exist only in my Sandbox. And I would like for them to have access features of the Help & Training site such as access to log and view open cases, or to take and resume training.

However when my Users click the training button from Sandbox, they are not automatically logged in. If they click the "Login" link and enter their sandbox credentials in the Help & Training portal, they are still not logged in.

Why are we having trouble with this?

Resolution Reason:
The Salesforce Help & Training portal creates a portal user to the corresponding contact record for any given user in a Salesforce production org. This access enables users to start, resume, and review completed training, log and view cases, and use other features of the H&T portal based on their service level with Salesforce.

However, this authenticated access to the Help & Training site is not provided for Sandbox environments. Since sandboxes are temporary testing environments, they are not tied to any of the Help & Training functionality. H&T site). This is related to the fact that sandbox organization IDs, names, users, and other details can change between refreshes. 

Thus, if users are created in only in your Sandbox environment, and not in your Production environment, they will not be able to gain authenticated access to the H&T site (although they can use the unauthenticated public version of the

Suggested Option:

Because users need not have the same access rights between two salesforce organizations (even production and sandbox), as a system administrator, you could choose to create Read Only users in your production org for any of these individuals that previously only had access to your sandbox organization. This would give  them only limited access to records but would allow full access to the Help and Training portal based on your support level and entitlements.

NOTE: Read Only users would be users created with a standard Salesforce user license and assigned to the "Read Only" standard profile. For additional information see: Standard Profiles

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