Print this page IDE Error: Server processing time has exceeded limit (600 secs)

Knowledge Article Number 000205542
Description Eventually when you are working in a IDE project and retrieving/deploying metadata, the IDE can throw the following error:

Save error: Unable to perform save on all files: Server processing time has exceeded limit (600 secs)  
Resolution Be aware that retrieve/deploy requests you are processing are performed via an asynchronous request, so it is picked off a queue and handled in an appropriate time frame. Depending on a number of factors, this processing time could vary. Currently, for any asynchronous type requests we do not have an SLA, but anything under 20 minutes should be considered normal processing.

When this error message is displayed on the screen, you may select 'Continue' and wait further, or you may retry the operation at a later time. If 'Continue' is pressed and you receive a new error regarding the Java heap size limit, you can increase the memory allowance for Eclipse by following this article

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