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How Can I Export the User Role Hierarchy?

Knowledge Article Number 000205549
Description How can the User Role hierarchy be exported as a .csv file?
Resolution User Roles can be exported using the Apex Dataloader or another API application.

After logging into Dataloader:
  1. Choose Export.
  2. Check "Show all Salesforce Objects".
  3. Select Role (UserRole).
  4. Insert the desired file name in the "Choose a target for extraction:" field.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the desired query fields (e.g. Id, Name, and ParentRoleId).
  7. Click Finish and proceed with the export.
The Id field is the ID of the Role. The ParentRoleId field refers to the ID of the Role immediately above that Role in the hierarchy.

For more information about using Dataloader, see Data Loader Overview.

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